cat, blur

abstract art in the form of writting.

so yesterday, me and my friend decided we didn't really want to go to our third block class because we had a substitute teacher we -well I- didn't like. so we decided to go to the library where we -me I suppose- could do homework. we then of course got distracted and decided to have some fun. she wanted to write something, I gave her my notebook and told her to write haikus. we looked around to see if we found any topics.
  1. I saw a starcraft poster
  2. "T" a girl I didn't like
  3. A picture of Amsterdam and a
  4. First Nations picture of a bird framed on the wall.
afterwards we decided to play a game. just a classic, she writes down a story with fill in the blanks of nouns, verbs, adjectives, body parts.. etc. and then I say random nouns and verbs and adjectives and such to fill them in. our whole little exercise of creativity turned into something like this..:


starcraft club is weird
i do not really like it
why does anyone?

T is unwanted
by everyone and their dog
she should just go die

i have never been
to amsterdam but i think
it sounds pretty dope

some don't believe in
first nations teradactyls
but i really do

one upon a fern in little italy, there lived a noble gentleman. his name was novo. novo had a pet platypus and a malignant case of herpes, but he did not let that stop him from being the noblest handicap in town. As he walked home to his little trailer park one day, he came across a bell. he waved politely and continued on his book, but the bell followed him. He was so attracted that he soared up into the garland and stayed there for 87 years! the end.

I really like skipping. it is just so plasticy. sometimes when i'm all done i scrape my armpit. it feels just like scoobadiving. my mom told me its bad to cut so i slapped her stocking. i was so gleeful that i slammed the chair and rubbed my lip. then the luckiest thing happened! my mom walked in on me and grounded me for 5 days! i hate my mom but i still love to pull her window. the end.

my friend barry has a big tibia. his fingernail is connected to his earlobe. it looks a little dull but i don't mind. i wish my eyelash was connected to my thigh. once me and barry went on a ferris wheel and his tongue was so big that it got stuck on a tape and the whole ride broke down! luckily a bookshelf broke our fall. i guess barry's throat is kind of a blessing because it's always sliding me. the end.

one day veronica ran around the penny until she threw up a santa clause. she then leaped onto an acorn and hurt her penis. afterwards she kicked to the circus because her sushi became moldy. she became confused because her nipple squeezed away. the end."
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