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Writer's Block: Church and State

Today in 1893 U.S. President Benjamin Harrison declared full amnesty for Mormon polygamists. Is it the government's place to define which marriages are valid and which are not?
For the most part it is the governments job.  If you want to fool around with more than one person, you should be single.
You should not be married.  Being married to several other people.. is just not right.  I understand that it's very well
possible to love more than one person, but that doesn't mean you need to be married to both people.  Marriage is giving
yourself to someone for life is it not?  I guess it really depends.. like if the person is known as a polygamist.. and they're
still married to many people that are aware of the polygamists views.. then i guess it is alright.  Even if it is seen as absurd
to people who only approve of loving a single person in a romantic way.  I don't know.  It's a very hard thing to decide. 
As we all know everyone has different views of things.

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